Premium cannabis topicals, tinctures, hemp salves, ointments, oils and waxes.

Transdermal Patch 20MG CBD
Transdermal Patch 40MG CBD
Soothe Cannabis Infused Healing Balm
THC Tincture – 200MG
CBD Pain Cream
Deep Re-Leaf – Muscle and Joint Balm
Twisted Extracts – CBD Oil 300mgTwisted Extracts – CBD Oil 300mg
Twisted Extracts – Sativa 1:1 OilTwisted Extracts – Sativa 1:1 Oil
Twisted Extracts – Indica 1:1 OilTwisted Extracts – Indica 1:1 Oil
Twisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 OilTwisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 Oil
Twisted Extracts – Sativa 3:1 OilTwisted Extracts – Sativa 3:1 Oil
Miss Envy 300mg CBD Tincture
1:1 CBD-THC Tincture
3:1 CBD-THC Tincture
ILU Botanicals – CBD Pain Tincture
Twisted Extracts – CBD Oil 900mgTwisted Extracts – CBD Oil 900mg

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