Edibles, cookies, gummies, chocolate and other pot candy.

SaleElevate – Blue Raspberry 120mgElevate – Blue Raspberry 120mg
SaleElevate – Strawberry 120mgElevate – Strawberry 120mg
SaleElevate – Grape 120mgElevate – Grape 120mg
SaleElevate – Pineapple 120mgElevate – Pineapple 120mg
SaleElevate – Watermelon 120mgElevate – Watermelon 120mg
SaleElevate – Strawberry 1:1
SaleElevate – Grape 1:1
SaleElevate – Watermelon 1:1
Twisted Extracts – Caramelts CBDTwisted Extracts – Caramelts CBD

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