Rechargeable cannabis vape pens & vape tanks. Choose from flavoured, unflavoured, CBD and THC oils.

SaleCCell Battery and Charger
SaleKloud 9 Battery and ChargerKloud 9 Battery and Charger
OUT OF STOCKRoyal Haze – Blueberry CartridgeRoyal Haze – Blueberry Cartridge
OUT OF STOCKRoyal Haze – Green Crack Cartridge
OUT OF STOCKRoyal Haze – Sour Diesel Cartridge
Royal Haze – Blue Dream Cartridge
Royal Haze – Super Lemon Haze
OUT OF STOCKRoyal Haze – Pineapple
Royal Haze – Girl Scout Cookies
SaleMy name is Pin DieselMy name is Pin Diesel
SaleMy name is Blue DreamMy name is Blue Dream
SaleMy name is Clem EntineMy name is Clem Entine
SaleMy name is Bob’s WidowMy name is Bob’s Widow
SaleMy name is Jill AhtoMy name is Jill Ahto
OUT OF STOCKSaleMy name is SkittlezMy name is Skittlez
SaleKloud 9 – Pineapple Express Cart

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